Thursday, 27 October 2011

Film Treament Draft

The main theme or idea of the film opening that my group is creating is horror, we have a different selection of conventions for our film these are; murder or cannibalism, insanity, disfigurement and displacement or being lost.

The main character of the opening will be the survivor, him and a few other friends will be the survivors for the beginning of the film, the majority of the people who begin in the group will be the characters who die to show the main theme of the movie opening, the survivor should be a believable character as he will be the one taking the lead and making most of the judgments to make the decisions throughout the few minutes of the opening, because of all of these actions he should be classed as a believable main character because he shows that he is in charge.

The characters goal in the film is to escape the area that they are lost in which in this case is a forest or woods, the reason why this is such a challenge is because of the murderers who are trying to stop them. The murderers are psychopathic because they have many things wrong with them, like the four conventions of the film, they are all murderers for the reason of cannibalism, they must kill and eat them for survival, they are known as inbreds  so they have major disfigurements and refuse to interact with people and this leads to the insanity of the characters because they enjoy what they do and are good at it.

Throughout the entire film the characters lives should all be at stake.

The characters of the film are all friends just taking a stroll through an area that they don't recognise, but they don't care because they are all just trying to have a laugh and enjoy themselves, but they will all be picked off until someone realises.

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