Thursday, 27 October 2011

primary research task

Questionnaire- Horror
(Circle the answer)

1. What type of setting do you find most scary?
A. Graveyard  B. House   C. Abandoned area   D. Other

2. What is your favourite type of horror Film?
A. Slasher B. Haunting C. Psychological D. Crime/Mystery E. None
3. What is your favourite genre?
4. What is your favourite film in this genre and what draws you to it?
Favourite Film:
A. Advertisements B. Actors/Actresses C. Trailer
5. What do you most dislike about this genre?
A. Blood/Gore B. Lack of story C. Characters
6. What elements do you expect to witness in this genre?
A. Hero/Survivor B. Villain/Killer
7. What do you believe to be the best thing about horror movies?
A. Story line B. Blood/Gore C. Suspense D. Setting E. Acting
8. What is the best type of killer?
A. Mysterious    B. Public   C. Serial
9. Are you affected by horrors when you watch them?
A. Yes B. No
10. What do you expect to see at the end of a horror film?
A. The evil character is killed or taken away    B. The evil character gets away and continues what                                                                        he’s doing


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  1. On some posts there is not enough detail, I need to remember to do Point, Evidence, Explain. I could add more links and make sure I complete a filmography and websites.

    Star Wars (1977) George Lucas


    I have embedded links and have increased my detail but need to work on it a little more.