Thursday, 3 November 2011

Final cut introduction

In our group we have recorded a scene with a blue screen behind us with a video of a scene from the movie independance day. The scene was 29 seconds long and it the majority of the scene was frozen so that the picture of the white house would remain in the background for a certain amount of time that we feel that we can introduce what is happening behind us. We recorded a final cut of the scene that we had done, the scene had consisted of me (Ryan Rheeston) and Cezary, it was a basic scene with a reporter interviewing a protestor about the aliens in front of the white house before the huge explosion had happened that was caused by the giant alien spaceship that hovered above it.

To make our final cut we can edit it so that everything pieces together properly. The recording the video was the easy part of the task because we only had to choose our roles for the final cut and we had to prepare a script that we could say within the 25 seconds before the explosion takes place and although we reacted to the explosion we had to time our reactions properly because we could not look behind us and see the what was happening. Using the camera for our group was Craig Fallows.

Now that we have recorded the final cut we now had to go onto the apple macs to use a software on there called 'final cut extended edition' using this we had to set up the name for our project set it up for rendering, but we could not do this because there was a problem with the file types of the videos. The file type that was recorded on the camera was not the right file type for the editing software.

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