Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mood Board

This is my mood board. This is based on our film explaining all four of the key concepts which are; Cannibalism, Disfigurement, Displacement and Insanity. They are all shown in the mood board separated into different sections.

Cannibalism is shown in the mood board in the bottom left hand corner, where you can see body parts spread out showing that they have been tore off people,also in the corner you can see two people gathered around a body picking at it, so this clearly shows the concept of cannibalism and if the pictures don't explain enough for you then the word 'cannibalism' is used as a sub-title for that section which draws you to look into how it is cannibalism. We have chosen cannibalism because it is scary the fact that people would be willing to kill other people then eat them, it is a good concept for horror.

Disfigurement is shown in the bottom right hand corner of the mood board where you see lots of different faces either clearly disfigured or hidden behind a mask, in the corner you see a person being murdered and he is surrounded by the disfigured faces which proves that they have a murderous feel to them. We have chosen disfigurement because some people being disfigured draws them closer to the point of murdering others so there for it is a good concept for horror.

Displacement is shown all along the top of the mood board page, with mostly images of lots of different places all different in looks showing that if a person was lost then there could be lots of places wher they could be, this makes someone feel as if they will never be found which then brings the genre into it (horror). There are also pictures of signs pointing in all directions showing choices and decisions, right or wrong which could lead to something drastic.

Finally the concept of insanity is seperated around the whole of the mood board, there is insanity in the left, right corner and in the middle. The reason for doing this is to show a mix up in the mood board to symbolize how an insane persons mind is mixed up. If you look in the bottom middle of the page you see a man on an operating table and then a person cutting the top of the head off. There are different types of insane people like the person on the left wearing lots of make-up which means that he wants people to see who he is, he wants to draw attention to himself, on the right there is a person wearing a mask which means that maybe he wants to remain hidden and doesn't want people to notice him. Most murderers do it because they mentally unstable and people worry when around someone who is insane because they worry when they are about to crack, thats why this is good concept for horror.

The main title is in the centre of the page which tells you what the main point of the film.

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