Friday, 18 November 2011

Developed Treatment

The setting for our groups horror film will be a large patch of woods, the reason the woods are a good idea for a horror is because anything could live in there and who knows how large it is while you're in there. The woods that we are filming in will be described as dark, enclosed and isolated from any kind of help. The dark will help our film because it is the natural lighting for a horror film and it creates tension.

Little bit of lightdark

The protagonist of our group will be the main character, however there will be some side characters such as a sidekick the character who helps the hero, a donor this is a character who helps the hero by giving him something whether it is an object or just a piece of advise that will help him later on, in our film the donor will be one of the heroes friends who sacrifice themselves to help him out and ensure that he survives, there will also be a prize for the hero at the end and this is just the simple prize of life, then the final character is the villain who always conflicts with the hero. The adversary/adversaries are a group of physically deformed people who were removed from society because of their differences and forced to live in an isolated area a large distance away from any other people and because of this they have had to revert back to animal instincts to survive the environment where they live. The protagonist is the complete opposite of the adversary where as they do anything to survive he takes life for granted.


There are three theories to our groups film these are; binary opposition, character types and the equilibrium theory. First of all the binary opposition is how the two characters are different in our production the idea is based around regular vs irregular, from this there is a clear opposition between the two. Second there are the character types which are not just the hero and villain there are a variety of characters that each have their own roles in the production, these have already been mentioned in the previous paragraph, but to sum up they are the hero, villain, donor, sidekick and a prize. Finally there are three parts to the equilibrium theory which consist of equilibrium, disequilibrium and a new state of equilibrium. Equilibrium is how the character starts off in the film and how we see the character personality wise, in our film the hero will start off as an easy going character who likes to play the joker in the group, so he has many likeable traits and many downfalls to his character. The disequilibrium is what happens for the character to suddenly change his/her personality drastically, in our production it is a case of displacement and fear which drives the main character to start taking things seriously and figure out what is really going on, this horrible case is the hero and colleagues being lead completely astray which presents a challenge on finding the way back. Last of all the new state of equilibrium is how the heroes personality changes to adapt to the situation that he is presented with, which in this case means not taking life for granted any more and going from being harmless to doing what's necessary to live.

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