Monday, 14 November 2011

Design Decisions

In horror films the costumes are important as they show what type of characters they are, that's why in our film opening we are using costumes that best describe how the both the adversary and the protagonist live their lifestyles. The adversary/adversaries clothing will be kind of old fashioned and the clothing will age as well, so they will appear as tattered and ruined and maybe too small or large for the character as if they were hand me downs. The Protagonists' clothing will be more up to date and will gradually change through out the rest of the film.

In our film the setting will asisst how the lighting comes through, our film is set in the woods where the trees will block light and produce some natural low key lighting which will emphasise the dark atmosphere of the film. With low key lighting there is a contrast between the light and dark where most of the area will be extremely dark and then there will be a light that pokes through highlighting the character.

Mis-en-scene is how the setting is used to emphasise the genre of a film and we are using an area that produces many different lighting shapes that can confuse the audience on where the characters are hiding because of how shadows are bouncing around. The woods are an ideal area for horror because anything could be lurking around in them whether it's animals or psychopathic people who make a home out of the woods.

Props are ideal for a horror movie because they are mostly weapons and the more unique of a prop the scarier the character holding it will appear. The weapon prop is to show how dangerous the character is and this proves that he can cause some harm and this scares the audience a little more, a unique weapon that will be used in our film will be a pair of shears because it is original and no one would expect to see them as a murdering weapon.

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