Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Animatic Diary Entry

Today when creating our animatic we had to finish off drawing our storyboards and then adding colour to them. We created five storyboard pages which all had to be scanned so that we could edit them in paint and then add them to windows movie maker. In paint we made the colour stand out more and made the outline for the characters. Using movie maker we can put one image after another to make it seem as if they are moving.

The good things that happened on the day were that we could get on with work eventually when we had the colours and other utensils.

The bad things on the day were that as soon as we got into the room the power was off in the room and none of the computers would come on and we could not get on with the work, another bad thing was that it took another thirty minutes after the hour that it took for the computers to come on, and finally because there were so many storyboard pages and so many things going on it took a while to do the drawings and to get every picture coloured in.

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