Friday, 2 December 2011


This is our preliminary video which we created to test our skills on using different camera angles and other camera uses. (e.g. zoom) We used a variety of different camera angles in the production with only two characters these characters are Ryan Rheeston and Lauren Powell, using the camera was Craig Fallows. When the preliminary was made all we had to do was edit it using the software final cut express. The best aspects of the preliminary were the camera angles because there were a large variety which showed our skills and knowledge of a camera and how to use it, examples of the camera angles were zoom and over the shoulder shot, we got both of the characters involved by going over the shoulder of both the characters.

The bad aspects of the preliminary were the sounds in the background of people and other noises outside, also in the act it lacked dialogue which meant that the storyline was hard to follow and it made the whole seem meaningless. There were plenty of things that could of been improved in the preliminary like the way everything was put together and the sounds in  the background could of been removed or there could of been another sound over the top of it, also before everything was recorded there could of been a script put together to add more dialogue to give a stronger structure for a storyline.

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  1. In this preliminary we used the camera well in zooming in to the right parts of the act, and we moved the camera around well in looking over the other persons shoulder.

    In this preliminary we did not have much speaking which made the act seem boring and meaningless, the lack of speech also took away a storyline from the preliminary.