Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Questionnaire results

Using this question we have found out that there are three main types of settings that people like to see in a horror film we know it is this three because no one answered with the 'other' option, so if we were to make a horror film perhaps one of these settings will be good to ensure that it will be a success.

From this question we can determine what kind of horror film people like or whether or not they actually like them, 1 person answered with 'none' but it would not stop us from creating a horror film because the rest of them gave an answer to the question and then we would base our horror film around this idea.

Using this question we find out what genre is favoured, from this you can see that horror is tied with comedy with the most amount of people liking it, so from this it is easy to see that if we were to make a film using one of these genres then there is a chance of the film being a success.

This tells us what to focus on when presenting a film to an audience.

This question shows that the majority of people dislike the 'lack of story', with this information we know to prioritise a story is shown to make our film more popular with the horror audience.

Using this question we can tell that in a horror peopoe tend to focus more on the evil/villain character, now we know to focus on how he looks and acts.

This is a good question because using this we have found out what every one looks for in a horror film and using it would improve our production significantly.

Now that we know what the favorite type of killer is in a movie we use that to make our killer characters actions, basically creating our evil/villain character for us.

Now we can go all out in a horror film knowing that it will not affect the majority of people 9/10.

The ending in a film is important and must be good as it tells you whether people want the film to end or whether they want there to be more like it after, this was almost an equal vote but in the end most people prefer for the villain to be killed or taken away.

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