Wednesday, 14 September 2011

movie poster

Genre: Action/ Thriller

From this poster you expect to see murder in the film, also from the strange looking person in the background you expect to see some strange unusual things and the poster tells us that there is some horror in the movie, however because the male character has a gun this suggests that there is a sense of action in the film.

The signifiers in the poster are the dark colours which signify the evil of the character in the background as he is the only character that is faded into the background, that suggests that he could spend alot of time in that area and it is where he does most or all of his hunting. The gun that the person is holding in the image signifies the limits a person is willing to go to survive.

In this image you can see a scared woman, also there is a disfigured character in the background that clearly shows a savage look so you can easily see that he is the dark character in the film.

The connotative level of the poster is action/ horror/ thriller these are the genres that you associate with the poster.

To summarize the poster tells us that this is a horror film about murder and psychopathic, disfigured people, and finally from the title 'wrong turn' it emphasises the fact that the regular people in the poster had no idea that they were about to run into what they did.


  1. Ryan, unfortunately you are not quite at the level of detail required. You need further explanation to improve this further. Spend time supporting your point with evidence. Please remember that if you start a new paragraph then you should leave a line space. Please add links to websites as examples to support your point, where possible.

  2. Firstly I will space out the paragraphs to make it look better and then I will go into more detail about what it represents.