Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Codes and Conventions of film openings

Here are a few films that all begin in the same way with the same creators shown right at the start.

Monsters Inc

A Bugs Life

In these films the first words that that show up are 'Disney-pixar presents' this is how all the films are linked, the creators 'Walt Disney pictures' and 'pixar animation studios' are the first things to be shown because they are the most important things in the opening title sequence after them names all the opening titles move onto different things like the director, or the cast, or straight to the movie.


All the films are animated so this makes us assume that all the films are for children. The technical codes in these films are the constant jumbling of images at the beginning of each film, this is a form of entertainment for the younger children so this is obviously their target audience as the images are supposed to draw the attention and bring some humor to the opening of the film.

The symbolic codes in the title sequences are images that are related to the rest of the film this is for the consistency of the meaning of the film for example; monsters in monsters inc, bugs in a bugs life and machinery in wall-e.

The signs are just the colours they all are bright except for wall-e which show that wall-e is a different type of kids film than the other two, because the colours are bright this suggests that it is definitely a kids film and they hope that the kids would respond well to the colours as most children do and that lets them believe that the rest of the film will be better.

The cast is almost the same in each film showing a regular use of all the characters, but because it is animated so only the voices are needed.

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