Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Analysing movie poster

The genre of the movie is an action/sci-fi,
the codes and conventions of this genre make you think low key lighting for outer space activities, ground eye to show how dominant the alien species are and dutch tilt to show every thing is falling apart,
the signifier of this poster for transformers are that it shows aliens from out of this world, shown by the space above the humans.

The  denotative level show aliens above the sunset, destruction behind the humans this suggests that that the aliens in power have caused the destruction, also the fact that the aliens heads are that large in in the picture show that they are much bigger than than the people. We see that the aliens are made of machinery which suggests that they're either from space or they could be man made.

The connotative level is destruction, the fact that there is other life out in the universe. The two aliens in the middle and left both have blue eyes symbolising good and kindness, whilst the alien on the right has red eyes symbolising sufferring and evil.

In that poster they are trying to tell the audience that there is other life out in the universe.

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